Saturday, 16 June 2012

El Diablo Beginner Workout Routine

weight training
Let the devil guide you through this basic routine which will help you improve your functional strength and acquire good habits in the gym. It is designed for newcomers to strength training who already possess some level of fitness (i.e. it is not for complete fitness beginners).

The routine involves mostly dumbbells, but also the dips station and the cable crossover machine. Stick to it for at least 2 months before moving to an intermediate workout.

The routine is for 3 days a week ; each workout takes approx. 50 mins to one hour

Start with a 10mins warm up on any piece of cardio equipment. Then do a few mobility exercises and dynamic stretches (shoulder and torso rotations, arm raises, lateral arm extensions)

For each exercise, you will be doing three sets of the indicated number of reps. Rest approx. 30 seconds between exercises, and one or two minutes between sets.

You should aim for as much weight (or the appropriate variation of the exercise) as you can so that you would just complete the minimum number of reps, then over time increase the reps to the maximum number indicated.

Once you can complete the maximum number of reps for 3 sets, move up in weight.
Finish each workout with 10 mins of static stretching.

1.       Dumbbell squats 3x 8-12    
2.       Chin ups (can be weighted, or choose appropriate variation) or dumbbell hammer curls 3x8-12          
3.       Dumbbell bench press 3x 8-12
4.       Dumbbell bent over row 3x 8-12
5.       Dips on the dips station(can be weighted) or chair dips 3x 8-12
6.       Dips station (or hanging) leg raises, or knee raises 3x10-20

1.       Dumbbell step up 3x 8-12  
2.       Standing dumbbell press 3x 8-12            
3.       Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift 3x 8-12
4.       Cable woodchops 3x8-12
5.       Standing dumbbell one leg calf raise 3x 8-12
6.       Plank and side plank (aim for 1 min of each or more)

1.       Dumbbell lunge 3x 8-12               
2.       Push ups 3x10-20 (choose appropriate variation)
3.       Pull ups (can be weighted, or choose appropriate variation) or Lat pull down 3x 8-12
4.       Standing dumbbell biceps curl 3x 8-12
5.       Triceps kickbacks 3x8-12
6.       Lying floor leg raises 3x10-25

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  1. I followed something fairly similar when I started, and it worked really well for me. This is better structured though: I like all the compound exercises, and the core exercises!