Saturday, 28 July 2012

How to make a pull up bar

how to make your own pull up bar
Want to practice muscle ups or back and front levers without banging your head on the ceiling or other pieces of equipment?
Then most likely you will need a free standing pull up bar. And sadly, these don't come cheap...
The devil happens to love pull ups and all their variations, despite there being a dearth of gyms in hell! So here's a quick fix for an easy, adjustable, diy pull up bar which you can set up in a variety of places, and which can easily be dismounted and set up somewhere else.

What you will need:
- a tree with low hanging, sturdy branches, or low beams.
- an approx 6ft long piece of metal tubing, and a couple of climbing slings (or tape loops)

Setting up your homemade pull up bar:
The trick is to minimize swing by setting your diy bar as close to the branches as possible (or even resting on them). The climbing tape will generally provide enough friction on the bar to prevent it from slipping and rotating. The lower your bar will hang, the less sturdy it will be.
how to make your own pull up bar

Of course, it's quite rare that you will find two branches of exactly the same height, but by tying the tape in different ways, you can easily even up the length of your homemade bar. Here are a few useful ways of tying your bar, to get you started:
make your own chin up bar
Hanging on a branch and shortened with a overhand knot
make your own chin up bar
Looped around a branch
Hanging on a branch
Secured on top of a branch with a overhand knot

Enjoy your training, and to get you started with pull ups or chin ups (or to achieve that elusive one arm pull up), check out our pull up and chin up progression.