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Top fitness websites

*This page will be regularly updated. Latest update: 04 November 2012*

It's only recently that Hell got its own internet connection, but since then all the minions and minor demons have been surfing the web almost 24/7. So, here's our pick and reviews of the best of the best fitness sites on the web.

Overall best fitness site and fitness community:
Fitocracy purports to be a social network, and an online game with rpg elements. Users level up as they log their workouts ; they can earn points through various quests and achievements, participate in user created challenges, and even duel each other! What sets the website apart are its online community elements though, with hundreds of groups to join and participate in, forums, and the option to 'follow' your favourite users. Progress pics abound (not all of them safe for work!), and fitocrats are incredibly supportive of each other. The one place where you can spy on the devil's workouts!
Here's a page on how to log the exercises from the Bodyweight 666 on Fitocracy.

Best weight training websites:
T Nation features popular forums, an online store, and a video library of exercises, but where it particularly shines is in it's archive of articles. Hundreds of hours worth of quality content.
Busy forums and a supportive community. is also an online retailer of sports supplements, and though perhaps not always the cheapest, quality is guaranteed.

Best running websites:
Let's run
Very American, and somewhat centered on collegiate running, these message boards lack categories and the posters can be in turn childish and/or trollish. But some quality coaches and athletes are regular contributors, and there is a wealth of expertise underneath all the banter. Only browse if you have a sense of humour and a good dose of patience though.
The go-to running forums if you live in the UK., is not too bad a site either, more beginner centered than letsrun.

Dead Runners Society (DRS)
What? you say... This is not even a forum, but an electronic mailing list??!! Are we still in the dark ages? Well, maybe so, and there certainly remains a dose of nostalgia associated with this online running club which predates the birth of the world wide web. The thing is, among its members, the DRS can boast to some class international athletes, running magazine writers and editors, and famous coaches... The Devil himself was a member for quite a few years!

The science of sport
Maintained by two former students of prof. Tim Noakes, this blog is the place to go to for the latest research and news in running science.
The blog archive of Marius Bakken, an elite Norwegian runner and sports scientist who devoted a large part of his life to studying the kenyans approach to training and competing.

Best bodyweight training website:
Exercise progressions and training advice. An excellent site.

Best martial arts sites:
martial arts planet
Busy martial arts forums covering all a multitude of disciplines.

Debunking  a lot of traditional martial arts myth and dodgy practices. Often hilarious and almost hypnotic!

Best nutrition tracking site:
Calorie counter and tracker with a huge database of products, and a really supportive community behind it. If you want to lose weight, this is the one to download. Highly recommended!

Best functional strength websites:
Ross is an experienced trainer and blogger whose posts are always informative and well researched. An icon in the world of online fitness!

Daily workouts and a booming community. Who's not heard of the crossfit revolution?

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