Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to do dips without dip bars

Dips should pretty much be a staple of any training program: they are a functional, compound exercise which translates to a wide range of movements, both in everyday life and in a variety of sports.

However, dip bars can be hard to find outside of a gym, and thus you might have to improvise to make dips an integral part of your home workout routine.

Luckily, there are a few dip variations and ways of performing this exercise with household furniture which will allow you to perfect the movement. Make sure to also check this dip progression for ways to build up to the exercise, and to keep improving.

bench dips alternative
1. Bench dips can easily be practiced at home with a chair. There are a few dip variations which will allow you to gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise.

parallel bar dips alternative
2. Parallel bar dips can be performed between the backs of two chairs. Make sure these are sturdy enough to support your weight, and keep your feet off the floor by bending your legs as illustrated.

parallel bar dips alternative
3. Parallel bar dips can also be performed between two tables, or two flat surfaces of the same height. Simply place your hands flat on the surface, and keep your feet off the floor when dipping.


  1. if you can come up with a walker, they make a perfect dip station. I found a folding one with wheels, I just took them off. It wobbles a little, but it holds me up just fine.

  2. I managed to break my chairs >< the back sides became loose and one morning the chair broke in half when I sat down - I'm a small girl with 50kgs so I would say that might happen faster if you're a big guy - I do my dips outsides now - some sidewalks have those barriers for bikes - works great!