Sunday, 4 November 2012

Floor L-sits

Floor L-sits (sometimes known as L-holds) are an extremely challenging core exercise: the minimum clearance offered by being so close to the floor leaves little margin for error.
Not only will the exercise tax your core muscles to their limit, but it will also engage your triceps and your quads.

Before attempting this progression, you should have reached level 11 in the leg raises progression, level 10 in the push-up progression, and level 8 in the dip progression.

Start with as little as a few seconds in each position, and gradually build up to 15s before attempting the next step.

L-sit progression
1. Dip bars L-sit: dip bars are an ideal place to start practicing your L-sits, as your leg height does not have to be optimal in order to practice the position. Try to keep both legs as straight and as horizontal as possible though, and focus on your breathing.

If you do not have access to dip bars, you can perform the exercise on the backs of 2 chairs.

L-sit progression
2. Parallet bars L-sit: here, I am using push up bars instead of low parallet bars. These are ideal as they are close to the floor but still allow a little room for error. The position is also quite comfortable on the wrsts, but nonetheless much more challenging than on dip bars due to the lower clearance.

If you do not have access to push up bars, a set of hexagonal dumbbells could also be used. Alternatively, use bricks or any slightly raised object that will give you more floor clearance.... You could also try performing the L-sit on your fists.

L-sit progression
3. Floor L-sit: performed with your hands flat on the floor. The lower clearance now males the exercise much more difficult!


  1. Good Evening El Diablo,
    If I put my hands on my chest,
    with elbows touching my body, I can do ~60 sit-ups.
    But, if I put my hands behind my head, I barely manage 30.
    Can you explain why it is so much harder
    when your hands are behind your head?
    I will attempt the L-Sit. What other exercises can help?
    I am entering the Army and sit-up is my weakest area.

    1. because, by putting your hands above your head, you place more weight further from the pivot point (your butt on the floor in this case) and create a longer lever... this increases the difficulty of the exercise... try extending your arms above your head, this will make it even harder.

  2. Hey El Diablo, how would you suggest incorparating the more advance progressions in the 666 program? For example the L-Sits here, should I replace 1 exercise by this one every once in a while or should I just add it in on top of the whole program?